Dr Shaun Scheepers

I have never taken what I do for granted. Caring for my patients is an awesome responsibility and but doing what I do is also a great privilege. I have never underestimated the place that our pets play in our lives and certainly know both the joy they can bring and life lessons they can teach. 

I am immensely proud of our veterinary facilities. They provide my team and I the opportunity to create an environment in which we are able to offer exceptional standards of care. But this does not surpass you and your pets feeling welcomed, comfortable and loved in our care. I have always tried hard to communicate with my clients how much I care opposed to how much I know.


Lisa Scheepers

I have always loved animals and ironically growing up in South Africa one of our many much loved family pets was an Australian Cattle Dog named β€œDarwin”.

 My primary role in our practice is overseeing both the day-day running of our practice as well as helping to create and maintain our standards of care. I am also often rostered on reception and nursing duties which ensures that I never lose touch with why we do what we do – our patients and clients.

Michael Gregor  - Port Adelaide Vet

Michael Gregor

My role as a veterinary nurse involves a wide variety of tasks! The part of my job that I enjoy the most is watching our patients grow and develop - from their first visit to the practice as adorable puppies and kittens, through their gangly teenage stage of life and into adulthood. I also enjoy building relationships with our clients and passing on my knowledge to help them achieve a long and happy life with their beloved pet. 


Matthew Scheepers

Being the son of a Veterinarian I was always destined to have an affinity towards animals. I am currently studying a Masters of Physiotherapy at UniSA. I play numerous technical roles at the clinic which mainly involve showcasing our exceptional services and care through online avenues. Furthermore, I have a passion for growing a customer base which shares the same devotion for their pets that we do. 

Kathryn O'Rourke  - Port Adelaide Vet

Kathyrn O'Rourke

I started studying vet nursing in 2015. This was a big step, as my background was in the social sciences, and biology lessons from school days were a very dim memory! And now that I’ve finished my studies, I’m really happy to be at the Port Adelaide Veterinary Clinic, where I’m fortunate to work with a great team of people – caring, smart, kind, and committed to their patients and clients.

Talia Newcome  - Port Adelaide Vet

Talia Newcombe

I was fortunate enough to get work at Port Adelaide Veterinary Clinic as a Veterinary Nurse.  My passion really lies in animal behaviour in what animals think, feel and seeing what kind of body language they are using towards us as a means of communication. Understanding this is a huge advantage in making sure that they are happy and comfortable in every way possible.

Kristy Underdown  - Port Adelaide Vet

Kristy Underdown

I was destined to become a veterinary nurse. What I enjoy the most is simply working with the animals and all the lovely people that share the same love for their animals. My passion however lies in animal behaviour and I find it both challenging and fascinating to try and understand how they think and feel. Understanding animal behaviour and reading their body language is a huge advantage in making them feel as happy and as comfortable as possible.

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Kate Waldhuter

Although I adore all pets, dogs are definitely my spirit animal. When I was just a child my favourite book was the dog encyclopedia. I would carry it around everywhere, I would study each dogs different personalities and traits as I saw them in real life. I knew a career around animals would always be a dream of mine. I completed a certificate III in companion animal services. One of my greatest achievements would be taking in greyhound ex-race dogs and domesticating them to be adopted to wonderful family's. Showing love to an animal that hasn't experienced it, is such joy. 


Dr Katie

I am veterinary graduate of the University of Adelaide having graduated in 2013. After having done some work in the United Kingdom, I have returned to Adelaide to become a part of the Port Adelaide team. I am passionate about veterinary medicine and adore both dogs and cats. I have an interest in veterinary pathology and am interested in pursuing pathology as a specialisation in the future.

Rebekka Dixon  - Port Adelaide Vet

Rebekah Dixon

I am currently in my first year of studying a Bachelor of Science in Wildlife Conservation Biology at the University of Adelaide. Being given the opportunity to work at the clinic is amazing, my role within the clinic is general maintenance and caring for the cats staying in the luxurious cattery. Each and every day I am expanding my knowledge and improving on skills to ensure that everything runs smoothly so each and every animal gets the love and care that they deserve, and I'm loving every minute!

Sian Harrison  - Port Adelaide Vet

Sian Harrison

I am currently at the University of Adelaide studying Veterinary Bioscience. After completing and thoroughly enjoying my work experience at the clinic in year 10, I was offered the position of Kennel Hand. My jobs include ensuring the cats in the cattery are happy and comfortable as well as general clinic maintanence. I have gained valuable knowledge and skills throughout my time working at the clinic which will help me in my studies and career.

Photo 20-9-17, 2 14 25 pm.jpg

Clara Tate

I am a passionate Vet Nurse who loves all animals with a special fondness for cats. In 2017 I qualified as a Certificate 4 Veterinary Nurse. I plan to further my studies to gain diplomas in the vast areas of nursing. My Nursing career has given me many benifits like giving me my four fur babies who are all rescues! Their names are Milo (eldest), Stormy, Coco and Moo. They are all special in one way or another!



My enthusiasm for the Veterinary profession has been fostered ever since I was a child through my fascination and passion for animals and their health and wellbeing. Currently I’m studying Veterinary Science at the University of Adelaide and loving every moment of it. Working at Port Adelaide Veterinary Clinic is a fantastic opportunity. It allows me to collaborate with like-minded individuals and build rapport with our amazing clients and their pets. Upon graduating as a Veterinarian, I wish to use my career as a platform to educate people to maximise the health and welfare of animals.  


Vanessa Cybulski

With a love for animals as early as I can remember, at five years old it was my dream to be a Veterinary Nurse when I was older. In 2013 I proudly completed my certificate 4 in Veterinary Nursing. I have a huge passion for cats and birds. My love for cats is hugely evident as i named my two daughters after pet cats I've had- Torie & Tabitha. I enjoy teaching my love for animals to my children and we visit the zoo every weekend together. It is exciting to become part of the team at Port Adelaide Veterinary Clinic, where I can help care for the animals. In the future I would love to expand my knowledge and do further studies in nursing.



I have been privileged to be employed part time at the Port Adelaide Veterinary Clinic family, which I feel so much a part of.  Looking after pets has always been a passion of mine from a very young age.

I have adopted two kittens from the AWL; Lulu is now 12 and Coco is 10 years old. I often babysit my Aunty’ s dog Chico, who is a Chihuahua.

I have completed my Certificate I and II in Animal Studies. I also will be continuing with my studies to improve my qualifications and care towards our wonderful fur babies and their families.