We perform both routine and complex surgery. Surgery is performed every week day. Although we routinely perform surgeries under general anaesthesia, without exception, we have strict protocols and procedures which are undertaken prior, during and following all surgeries to minimise risks and ensure the best outcomes for our patients.

We have a fully equipped, dedicated theatre, treatment and radiographic area. This enables us to perform particular procedures in dedicated spaces to ensure best practice and wellbeing for your pet. 



Desexing or neutering your pet is a surgical procedure that prevents them from being able to reproduce. In male pets it is commonly referred to as β€œcastration”, and in female pets as β€œspaying”.This is the most frequent surgery performed by our vets, and generally your pet is home by the evening of surgery.

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Pre-anesthetic testing

We routinely conduct preanesthetic testing (which looks at general organ function and potentially uncovers issues that which may not be detectable by physical examination). Patients are also routinely placed on intravenous fluids which maintains blood pressure during an anaesthetic and help to support liver function. Both of these measures minimise the risk associated with any anaesthetic and aid in recovery and wellbeing.


Understandably it can be distressing leaving a family member in our care. We however aim to make this experience as pleasant as possible. Our hospital facilities have been purpose built to provide an exceptionally high standard of care to maximise comfort. Each ward is climate controlled and separate facilities are available for cats and dogs (including giant breeds). Accommodation in our treatment room ensures that patients recovering from surgery or critically ill patients are closely monitored.

We manufacture our own medical oxygen on site. This is piped and available in a key number of treatment areas, including a purpose built oxygen chamber. This means that patients requiring oxygen can be readily and efficiently maintained for extended periods if needed.

We encourage you to visit your pets or to contact us as often as is necessary to put you at ease. We also endeavour to keep you up to date. 24 hour monitoring is also available when necessary.

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