Which toys are best for my dog?

Toys are designed to meet a wide variety of dogs needs and their purpose and design should be carefully considered. Further thought should be given to our dogs chewing temperament (the pressure of their bite, their interest and motivation to play with a particular toy) as well as their breed and age.

Toys range from those which provide comfort (soft plush toys), those intended for play (balls, Frisbees, rope toys for tug of war) and those designed to stimulate and occupy your dog’s minds (puzzles, and chew toys that can be filled with treats).

Choosing the correct toys for your dog is vital and incorrect choice can be at best a waste of time and at worst – harmful. For example, giving a plush toy to a dog with a strong and determined chewing temperament will likely result in the destruction of the toys and potentially parts to be ingested.

It is important to generally inspect toys for wear and tear and discard those that are potentially hazardous. Like young children, supervision when playing is recommended so that you able to familiarise yourself with your dog’s chewing temperament and their interaction with a particular toy. You will also be on hand to intervene if things don’t go the way you may have intended.

We stock and sell a large Range of Kong dog toys which would be appropriate for all purposes.